J.S. Bach



The Suites may be addictive and wreck havoc with your practice schedule!

Paperback, 60 pages  $24.00

The Suites are also suitable for oboe, clarinets and saxophones

The Six Unaccompanied Suites for Cello by J. S. Bach are now available for the English horn in a new transcription by Julie Ann Giacobassi.  The Suites contain abundant material for improving technique, breathing, articulation, smooth intervals, and most importantly – phrasing.  This transcription is designed to complement the standard oboe etudes, and to provide additional material to help one develop a sound and style that is deeper and more expansive than the oboe – a sound and style unique to the English horn.

The inherent differences between the English horn and the cello require some changes in the Suites.  Sections of the Suites have been re-voiced with the occasional ossia.  It is recommended that one “roll” the chords, playing them from bottom to top like an arpeggio, which more closely approximates the baroque practice of playing the cello.

Use them daily for warm-ups, for improving your English horn skills, and most of all, for enriching your musical soul.